About the Practice of Tai Chi

 Tai Chi is a slow, soft, continuous stepping sequence designed to circulate forces (including gravitational) through the practitioner in such a way that improves well-being, health, and autonomy. 

Health Benefits

Tai Chi is about moving.  The 108 moves of the 'set' are performed in a variety of postures.  The postures are aligned with gravitational forces to protect the anatomical structures.  Therefore, all the benefits of moving are available such as:

  • Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Body Awareness

  • Resilient Strength

In addition, Tai Chi provides:

  • a Brain Exercise by challenging the memories of the postures and developing neurological connection such as through propioception

  • A Meditative component as a result of ie: continuous flow of movement, gaze, slow speed

  • An aerobic exercise due to the sustained 25-30 minutes required for the completion of the 108 moves of the set

These health benefits are usually noticed within the first two months and can continue to enhance health for a life time!

2021 Classes

Currently we have Open Practice Sessions: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8pm outside in the parking lot if the weather is good.  In the studio on poor weather days.  Bathroom available when we are outside.  7-7:30pm is Nei-Gungs, 7:30-8pm is the 'set'.  This is for July and August.

Beginner Classes begin September 2021: Please inquire as to dates, time, price.  Typically daytime and evening classes can be offered, for $140 from September to December.